Ethnic Meeting

The station has received the ethnic funding for the period 1st January to 30th June 2012. In order to allocate the money we are required to meet with the presenters of those programs who are to receive a grant. The meeting is planned for Tuesday 7th August to be held at 7.00pm at The Liverpool City Bowling Club, Bigge Park (situated behind the Dr Pirie Centre which is 126 Bigge St.)

Volunteers Required

We will be hosting a stall at the GWS Giants Fan Zone, our local AFL team on Sunday August 12th. There be more than 1,000 people attending with a coaching clinic and other activities during the morning. Meet at 9am, the day kicks off at 9:30am and finishes at Noon. Our stall will include some stickers and program guides which makes it a great chance to promote the station. We will also do some live crosses from the event. RSVP if you can make at the usual address office AT Greenway Park, is on Greenway Drive at Carnes Hill. A general location map is below. View Larger Map

2012 Mid Year Programming Re-allocation

The half-year reallocation round is now open. The Programming Committee will be considering any requests for timeslot changes and new programs.

Training for New Members

Commencing on Saturday 11th August 2012 the next round of training will be offered to new members who wish to produce a show and who need training.

Coming Soon

A taste of things to come – as Carol becomes the 89.3 Insider blogger. Don’t lose they key.

On Demand – Now Live for Everyone

You demanded it, now you have got it! As mentioned at the Member’s meeting last week, we now have every program available through our new On Demand system on

Fill-in Presenter List

As mentioned at this week’s Members Meeting, we are also asking for anyone interested in joining our fill-in presenter list.

Program Vacancies

We have two new timeslots that are now vacant: Wednesday 2-4pm Thursday 7-9pm G’Day Africans have decided not to continue their program and Speed Sport Torque can now be found on 2BACR at 6pm Thursdays. We thank them both for their contribution to the station. Applications close July 29th 2012 and should be emailed to Click here for an application form. The timeslot will be filled until the next allocation round. To help the Committee, if you are an existing program – also indicate if you intend to stop your existing program or are requesting additional airtime. Requests for additional airtime are given a lower priority. 2GLF Programming Committee

Programming Vacancies

A quick update on the two recent vacancies, the Programming Committee as decided to allocate:

2012 Membership Renewals Now Overdue

This is a reminder that if you have not paid your membership fees by the end of June 2012. Your membership will automatically cease.