Transmission Upgrade

Transmission Upgrade After decades of service we have replaced our antenna system and cabling on our radio transmission tower, as part of an important project to upgrade our transmission facilities.

Our previous cabling experienced all sorts of challenges from peckish birds to extreme heat, rain and wind over the years. With all the wear and tear – it was time to replace it to ensure we can keep 89.3FM running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have also taken the opportunity to replace our antenna and realign its placement to better provide coverage across Liverpool and Fairfield. Our local area has changed dramatically with all the new developments that have occurred since it was first installed.

So many listeners won’t notice the difference but some will as our coverage will ensure more people in the local area will get a better signal to their radio from our transmission tower.

A big thanks to the volunteer team that made it happen – it was a great team effort with a bit of assistance from a brave technician (who is not afraid of heights) that was able to install it this week on the tower.

The project was also made possible by a contribution from the NSW State Government. $6,000 in funding was announced last year by one of our Local Member Melanie Gibbons.

So test it out … tune in today to 89.3FM across Liverpool & Fairfield.

Video: Watch the announcement by Melanie Gibbons MP