Happy Friday…. 89.3FM’s Big Weekend


Everyone is getting ready to sizzle this Saturday at the Crossroads. We have just over a dozen volunteers to help Your Local Station 89.3FM 2GLF.

If you are still keen, let us know so we can squeeze you into Team Sizzle.

Don’t for your program forms
As we know everyone has been busy picking their best BBQ apron for Saturday, the closing date for the 2021-22 Programming Application Forms has been extended until March 1st.

Apply now to continue your program or bring us a sizzling new idea to entertain our listeners Online, On Air and On Demand.

We’re back baby!
After much lobbying from us and various other groups. Facebook says it will unban us and various other pages they blocked on their service last week.

If your program page remains blocked after the weekend, please let us know.

We have all learned an important lesson in the power of social media companies. You can be popular one day, yet at a flick of a switch be a nobody the next.

Let’s make sure that we make more connection with our audience on the platforms we do control. Connect with them in the community, on radio, on our website or your show websites.